Carla Songs (complete) for voices and small ensemble (2015) - Ty Citerman

from by Anti-Social Music

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TY CITERMAN wrote Carla Songs for voices and small ensemble. It’s in three parts:

1) But What I’m Saying Is This for mezzo soprano and cello and it’s sung by Diana and played by Pat;

2) Inside Her Mind is for two baritone voices, two pianos, violin, clarinet, percussion, and speaking chorus and is performed by George Wright, Paul Holmes, Paul Kerekes, Ty Citerman, Hubert Chen, Sara Budde, Megan Schubert, Diana Hill, Pat Muchmore, and Tomas Cruz;

3) Storytelling is for unaccompanied vocal quartet and is sung by Megan Schubert, Diana Hill, Tomas Cruz, and George Wright.

He has this to say about his piece. In January 2013, my second daughter, Carla, was born - and soon, she began to produce sounds with her voice. Some were musical, interesting and odd, with an improvisatory spontaneity - these inspired me, and I used them to make a text for the first piece in this trilogy, "But What I'm Saying Is This." In part two, "Inside Her Mind," the ensemble features sounds and voices (two baritones, for starters) that are totally different than what many adults think of when they think of little girls. I tried to portray her words and thoughts as gigantic, cavernous, and perhaps ominous. And finally, in "Storytelling," she's an extemporaneous orator, telling tall tales; four unaccompanied voices for at least that many inside the girl's noggin.




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